Hi Yuri!
Here you'll find all the information regarding our partnership
Types of partnership
Recording of new courses with relevant information on favorite topics in the CG industry. It can be both courses for beginners and advanced training courses divided into levels from beginner to pro.
Once every 3 months, ArtCraft holds graduation events for all school courses, gathering 200-300 people. We are always looking for mentors who could set aside several hours for a collective review and motivational speech for future CG specialists.
We conduct a large number of paid workshops and webinars on various topics, which constitute a part of our education funnel. This helps students improve their knowledge of specific topics for enrollment to the next course levels. It is also useful for working professionals who are constantly progressing and looking for new tools and styles.
In the future, we plan to gather the Advisory Board with our most active colleagues to form new educational programs and to assist in developing our school and the industry as a whole. We plan to take an active part in the development of software for artists, and to share our observations and recommendations with leading developers.
Individual counseling for students on portfolio improvement, correction of style, or teaching new software and other CG fields.
Business terms and conditions
for new courses
Each of our mentors receive 20% of the total income when they're creating a new course. It doesn't include marketing, production and postproduction costs we're taking on ourselves.

You retain all rights to the program's content, but you're not allowed to use any materials created with the participation of ArtCraft.

We also hold webinars, workshops, and different activities for a new audience. Share tips, tricks, and other useful stuff :)
We'll be glad if you join us to increase interest in the field of CG!
We prepared examples of our basic course with English subtitles and one video with homework review, so you gain better understanding of how the online-learning format works.
P.S. The homework video is without subtitles but we're working on it.
Sample of recorded materials
Lesson 2.1: Line Properties
Live Stream Review
Lesson 2.2: Line Properties
You can turn on subtitles on each video exept the last one.
We've created an educational platform
firstelearn.com — the most powerful system for your education in CG
The entire course is built on small videos which are unlocked depending on the conditions set (once a week, or immediately after watching the previous segment) all videos are available via student's personal account.
They receive support from our managers, thus ensuring an individual approach to learning.
Lessons, feedback, and online meetings are held in a single virtual workspace with a constantly adapting interface. We're constantly impoving it.
Feedback on possible improvements and solutions from our teachers is vital in making a truly convenient and functional training tool.
Right now we're translating support team messages into several languages so everyone will understand the essence of the feedback. All the videos will have embedded subtitles, which we also plan to separately translate. Starting from version 3.0, there will be a mobile application in development and students will be able to view all the content and receive reminders, recommendations, and challenges.
One week on the platform for students
Depending on the schedule and format of the course, the student gets access to the material of each week and homework assignment.
After viewing the lesson, the student is given the assignment. The assignment must be completed within next few days, before the next lesson or a review session.
All technical issues and lesson-related questions should be directed to our support department/team. Our support team will help to determine which version of Photoshop is best to purchase, how to set up a tablet, and how to complete the assignment correctly. In some cases, a member of support will contact a teacher directly to solve any individual issues.
An online group meeting is usually set up at the end of the week. A teacher examines the homework assignments of each student and makes recommendations for their improvements. These meetings are an important part of the learning process as it helps students to look at other's mistakes and progress and get a real-time connection with a teacher.
Funnel of learning
For 3 years, we have developed a perfect model of student progress. The "funnel of learning" proved to be the best without deception and fine print in the contract.
Our basic courses serve as a foundation for further study. Our main goal is to help a person get the necessary knowledge for evolvement in the shortest time possible. Also provide them with some basic experience on a new subject, even if they ultimately decide to continue developing their skill in some other field
Workshops, both paid and free, serve to promote a person on a journey map and maintain their interest. Each workshop is focused on a specific area and helps advance in the best direction.
Styling, 3D graphics, rendering, effects, advanced work level with perspective, form, and much more.
Every few months, we offer students to participate in our speciality test classes that help to evaluate their (current skill) level, get a boost of motivation, and try some of the advanced training programs and sign up for a new course.
Each student participates in the ArtCraft loyalty program, which provides training with significant discounts.
The next step for students of basic directions, is the program of advanced training. Only those with high grades and a conscious desire to refine their abilities are allowed to participate.
Customer funnel,
how does it work?
The future students is first introduced to our school via social media promotions and landing pages, created for this purpose.
The next step is offering them a free product or a week-long trial course with a group, so the user can gauge whether our materials and teaching methods are satisfactory.

Then the user enrolls into their ArtCraft course of choice and engages with the client service to help the user decide on their future education plan while also promoting our more advanced-level products.
Based on the collected data and user's progress, adaptive ads are launched. These ads offer suggestions tailored to a specific user's potential interest.
We'll be happy to see you in our team!
Let's Get Started!
Welcome :) So what's next?
So you've desided to join our team! That's really great, hope we'll get along. Here're a few steps you should make next.
We suggested you several options so you can pick any course you're passionate about and bring a unique style and perspective. It's up to you to decide, we're open to your suggestions and we depend on your experience.
Write down everything you're willing to teach in this course. If you have any troubles with the organization of information or you don't know where and how to start, feel free to ask! We're happy to guide you through all the process. We also prepared a few examples of programs so you may look up to it.
link 1 / link 2 to the mind map example
After you're done with the basic program you'll need to record one test video for us. Together we'll decide what improvements we need to add and check up the overall look of the thing.
And record the whole thing, of course!
We'll be happy to see you in Kyiv to get in touch, record additional marketing materials and help with course if you need.
Your tickets and living expences are on us :)
A workplace for live stream review of students work. We'll provide all the necessary equipment and help with setting up.
What else do you need?
So, when are we going to start? :)
Please drop us a note and Dasha'll figure out any question you may have!
Need some help? Got more questions?