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Comics, illustrations, characters, concept art, animation, design... any path you take, digital drawing is the key to all doors in the world of computer graphics.
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is a solid bridge over the abyss of incomprehensible tutorials, typical mistakes, unanswered questions, and other monsters frightening novice artists. You will make a confident step from dreams to real skills, with a reliable mentor in Bryant Koshu.


No limitations
or consequences
No limitations or consequences
Manage your time: watch the lectures when convenient and return to the material you have passed to refresh your knowledge.
Infinity Gauntlet
But no victims
Infinity Gauntlet
But no victims
You don't have to wander around the universe of tutorials—all the information that a novice artist needs is already gathered in one place and structured. All you need to do is put on the gauntlet and snap your fingers to watch the lectures and do your homework.
Sparrow's compass
Captain Jack Sparrow's compass
Jack Sparrow's compass
Captain Jack Sparrow's compass
Feedback from your mentor will help you define your style and develop it. The teacher will show you the quickest way to your goal—whether it's to grow as an artist, work in the game development, or publish your own comic book.

Master Yoda in the CG world
Just makes it clearer

Master Yoda in the CG world
Just makes it clearer
Bryant Koshu has been working in the industry for over 10 years and knows all about beginner artists' mistakes. He will guide you, motivate you, teach you to look for inspiration, and draw from your imagination.
Red pill

But no evil machines and enemy agents
Red pill
But no evil machines and enemy agents
You'll explore the true world of drawing in the digital environment. Unique home assignments and regular practice exercises are designed so that in two months, you can really learn to draw.
All-seeing eye

Just on the good side
All-seeing eye
Just on the good side
Our online support is always here to assist you with technical, software, access, or learning platform issues. Ask any question and get instant feedback.
These people once decided to take a step towards their dreams, and that's what came out of it.
Over 2000 students from around the world have taken this course. Among them included both classical artists and novices.

Where do you wish to go from here? An illustration? Character design? Animation for 2D games? Bryant will always guide you and help fulfill your most daring plans.
Look at our students' works—they are all so diverse! But they're all stunning! One day these guys started with wobbly lines.

You can do that yourself!
For 5 years, we have been continually improving the program, taking into account the latest software updates and industry trends. So that with the knowledge and skills gained, you could grow in any CG sphere.
1. Introduction
  1. work with hometasks, the main aspects of training
  2. line as the main tool of an artist
  3. the analysis of additional tools of the programs interface
  4. first objects, the plane, and the volume
  5. primitive-based drawing, basic shape usage
  6. auxiliary volumes drawing and kinematic schemes
  7. the basic drawing principle (from general to particular)
2. Line
  1. work with dynamic lines and strokes
  2. properties of drawn objects, transfer of the material texture with the help of a line
  3. volumetric elements in 2D-drawings, volume depiction
  4. line change depending on lighting, the depiction of light and shadow
  5. physically correct parameters when drawing objects: connection to plane, the mass of objects
  6. the depiction of contrast by line, the glare, refraction angles, reflections, and bends
  7. the depiction of object texture, drawing patterns, and repeating objects
  8. line depth, the use of the line as a determinative of the objects distance from the viewer
  9. line hierarchy for individual objects, creating a readable and quickly perceived image of an object
3. Shape
  1. the concept of an object’s shape and volume
  2. the study of object sections, simple and complex shapes
  3. volume display using the studied line properties
  4. determination of normals on an object's surface, the concept of the basic plane
  5. an object's sections according to given normals
  6. cutting and combining parts of various objects, slices, secant planes, and incremental volumes
  7. the principles of displaying guides and dynamic lines on the surface of an object
4. Light and shadow
  1. The structure of light and shadow in objects. The main features and patterns in work with chiaroscuro
  2. ambient light, directional light
  3. construction of simple and complex shadows using the beam method
  4. building a quality shadow from a complex object, learning to draw fake shadows
  5. the concept of general lighting for all objects in a figure
5. Color theory
  1. color and light in the work of a digital artist, physical and digital parameters
  2. Itten's color circle, blending, and color separation
  3. basic methods of working with color
  4. using contrasts of brightness, color, saturation
  5. warm and cool color tones, the methods of their use
  6. recommendations for work with color and it's range
  7. color schemes and harmonies
6. Perspective
  1. the concept of perspective
  2. one-point perspective
  3. work with perspective convergence points
  4. "point-to-point perspective", architecture and design
  5. "three-point perspective" as a tool for non-standard and complex angles
  6. "aerial perspective", levels and location plans of objects
  7. work with line in perspective
  8. work with color in perspective
  9. "open space perspective": landscapes, architecture
  10. "the enclosed space perspective": design, interiors
  11. "frontal perspective" and scale
  12. work with light and shadow in perspective
  13. construction of complex objects in perspective
  14. setting the view (camera) in perspective
7. The basics of the composition
  1. the concept of composition, proportions, and ratio
  2. formal composition
  3. "the golden ratio" rule, "rule of thirds"
  4. transfer of feelings and emotions through composition
  5. the basic set of compositional solutions for the artist’s works
8. Further picture development
  1. the sequence of work with a picture, methods, and options
  2. life hacks for the proper organization of work
  3. examples of certain techniques use in practice
  4. work with views, angles, camera
  5. angle, mood and composition—creating a story in a picture
Creating fast sketches
Quick solutions—80% of the result in 20% of the time
Bryant Koshu is a concept artist with a 10-year experience in the industry.

He created toy concepts for Mattel, Hasbro, and Spinmaster in Yellow Tracksuit Entertainment; drew character concepts for Dragon Collection, and surroundings for AAA and VR titles.

Now Bryant is finalizing The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners project. He has created a number of character concepts and final game assets.

You feel that creativity is your thing, but you don't know where to start? Do cartoons, comics, games, or illustrations attract you, and people around you say that you are losing your creative potential?
Stop burying your talent! Finally, deal with the ProCreate and Photoshop interface, get a powerful art base, and implement your idea on the virtual canvas.

with Bryant Koshu
intensive lessons

Powerful motivation
and feedback from the teacher
Convenient platform
for watching video lessons
24 hours
of the program
Unique homework
assignments to solidify the theoretical information
Lifelong access
to lectures
Request a return within 14 days after the course starts.
We guarantee a 100% refund.

After all, what if it's
not for you...
Not sure you're gonna make it?
| 2 months of learning
| 8 video lectures, 20+ hours in total
| 50+ drawn objects
| regular live Q&A sessions with the mentor
| lifelong access to the digital art community
| personal unlimited access to the learning platform and the content
| certificate of attendance

| 2+1 months of learning
| 8 video lectures, 20+ hours in total
| 50+ drawn objects
| graduation project
| regular live Q&A sessions with the mentor
| lifelong access to the digital art community
| personal unlimited access to the learning platform and the content
And that's not all:
| 8 group meetings online with the mentor for 18+ hours
| individual homework review
| working on the graduation project under the mentorship
| special offers on further courses
| сourse completion certificate

And that's not all:
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Buy It Now
One by one, you will overcome all the barriers to the fantastic world of illustration: you will deal with the intimidating functionality of Photoshop and ProCreate, place your hand on the tablet, gain profound knowledge and drawing skills, and create your first masterpiece that you'll be proud to post on Instagram.

16 intensive lessons
and 8 weeks of practice.
Smooth lines — a skill, not an inborn ability
B/W is not a cure-all
Photoshop and ProCreate are allies, not enemies
Perspective — an opportunity, not a dead-end
High Level — a mentor who'll upgrade your skill
References are not for the meek
You will learn to work with color, light, and shadow and figure out the principles of color mixing and matching.
The concepts of color warmth, coolness, light and shade will be a piece of cake for you after Bryant explains everything.

A shaky line is not a sentence. In 5 years, we have developed an effective homework system that trains any hands.
All you have to do is take the time and effort to practice.

You'll discover all the buttons and functions, and learn how to work with layers, brushes, and supporting tools.
All you have to do is select the software and install it.

You'll find out what perspective is and why it should always be considered. You'll understand how to create perspective and learn how to work with distance plans.
The program is designed from simple to complex. You won't even notice how confident you become while creating artwork after artwork.

You'll get out of the tutorial mess and go through the whole program from simple to complex concepts, to take your first confident steps in the digital environment.
You will learn to choose the right references, analyze them, and use them as a basis for your drawing, adding your own details.
You'll be able to create unique pieces, even if you doubt your creative potential.